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Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese

When it comes to rich, cheesy goodness, CO-OP GOLD PURE® cheeses are the stuff of dreams.

If — like most people — you find cheese occupies a significant amount of your waking thoughts, then you’re in luck. Let us take you on the delectable journey of our world-class, handcrafted cheeses, so that the next time you use one of our CO-OP GOLD PURE® Cheeses for a gooey grilled cheese, you know just where it came from.

A Farm-to-Fork Story

Co-op Gold Pure Cheeses come straight from Stonetown Artisan Cheese, a family-run farm and cheese plant in St. Mary’s, Ont. The cheese is made using whole milk from the farm’s happy Holstein cows.

These cheeses use only fresh, unpasteurized milk with no additives. Ramon Eberle, a master cheese maker from Switzerland, handcrafts these alpine-style cheeses. He uses old-style techniques to pair tried and tested formulas with the freshest Canadian ingredients. The result is great-quality, pure cheese heaven.

For centuries, the mountain dairies of the Swiss Alps have used cheese-making techniques that now craft Co-op Gold Pure Cheeses, and you can practically hear the yodelling with every delicious bite!

Our Cheesiest Tips

The traditional methods used at Stonetown Artisan Cheese are no more perfectly captured than in the holey, nutty, classic Farmstead Emmental. This original Swiss-style handcrafted cheese has a naturally sweet and savoury flavour. The creaminess pairs scrumptiously with smoky charcuterie and a light-bodied red wine — yum!

If you’re looking for a cheese to revolutionise your cooking, try the firm and salty Gruyère-style cheese, Grand Trunk — perfect for an indulgent, silky fondue, velvety mac and cheese or gooey grilled cheese. It also makes a delightful substitute for the Gruyère in this tasty goat cheese dip.

If you want a cheese to spice up a charcuterie board for your next event, add Wildwood. This semi-soft, naturally tangy Appenzeller-style cheese has a fresh and zesty herbal flavour.

With so many artisanal, handcrafted cheeses to choose from, you can find a Co-op Gold Pure cheese for whatever your heart desires — whether it’s paired with a smoky salami on a charcuterie board, whipped into a silky fondue, tossed into a vibrant salad with dried fruit and nuts, or just nibbled on with a glass of full-bodied red wine. It’s that ch-easy!

Look for Co-op Gold Pure Cheeses at your local CO-OP® Food Store. But be warned: every artisanal cheese in the collection is extremely addictive!

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