Cheesy Fun-due

Cheesy Fun-due
Created by Chef Dale MacKay
1   cup CO-OP MARKET TOWN Swiss Cheese, grated
1   cup white cheddar cheese, grated
1   cup Gruyère cheese, grated

  tablespoons cornstarch
   1 cup white wine
2   cloves garlic, quartered
2   teaspoons CO-OP GOLD PURE Smooth Dijon Mustard

  teaspoon ground nutmeg
1   CO-OP GOLD PURE Artisan Baguette or Ciabatta, cut into one-inch pieces
2   Granny Smith apples, diced into half-inch pieces
2   heads of endive

  Lesley Stowe Parmesan and Chive Raincoast Crisps

Serves: 8
Prep Time: 15 minutes

Place cheeses in a bowl, and toss with cornstarch.

Put ¾ cup of wine and garlic in a ceramic fondue pot or medium-sized pot over medium heat. Simmer for three to five minutes; then remove garlic cloves. Add cheese mixture gradually, stirring to ensure a smooth fondue. Once cheese is melted and smooth, add mustard and nutmeg. If fondue is too thick, add an additional ¼ cup wine. Place on fondue stand to keep hot.

Place dippers on a plate or around the fondue set for your guests. Cooked, diced vegetables and crudités are also great accompaniments.

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