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Endless Pastabilities

There is no food more comforting than pasta. Whether snowed in, locked in or having a night in ‒ pasta is a menu staple!

CO-OP GOLD PURE® Pasta is made in Foggia, Italy, just how nonna makes it, ensuring perfect pasta possibilities in every bowl.

A Taste of Italy

Welcome to Puglia, the southern region forming the heel of Italy’s “boot.” Puglia boasts beautiful landscapes and gastronomic delights. Due to its superior capabilities for growing durum wheat, Puglia is known as the breadbasket of Italy.

Each shape in our Co-op Gold Pure Pasta lineup combines traditional methods and avant-garde technology to create a memorable taste of Italy, without the air mileage. The Gigli, Casarecce, and Trottole pasta shapes are extruded through rough bronze die, while the Strozzapreti pasta shape is handcrafted.

Pasta-tively Delicious!

This pasta is made with the finest grain. Each unique shape is traditional of the region and perfect in simple or elaborate sauces, allowing you to try a variety of creative culinary combinations.

When you choose Co-op Gold Pure Pasta, you’re not only only choosing great quality and great taste, but also a traditional and authentic taste of Italy. Read on to learn more about the different pasta varieties.


Gigli pasta has a ruffled edge, resembling a bell-like flower. This curly pasta holds up well when paired with a thicker sauce or baked into a casserole. Any recipes that call for Tuscan pasta shapes like pappardelle would work with gigli just as well.

Give this pasta a try next time you whip up mac and cheese, or pair it with a CO-OP GOLD PURE® Pasta Sauce such as Roasted Garlic Sauce or Marinara Sauce.


Casarecce are short twists of pasta rolled in on themselves making them perfect vessels for capturing thinner sauces or gathering pools of melted cheese. With its Southern Italian origins, this pasta pairs well with ingredients like eggplant, tomato and basil.

Swap the spaghetti in this pomodoro recipe with casarecce, and you’ll fall in love with these delicate shapes, designed to capture all the tastes of Italy in each bite. If you’re pressed for time, try it with Co-op Gold Pure Tomato Basil Sauce for a quick, delicious dinner.


Trottole is Italian for “spinning tops.” Their tight spiralled design makes for maximum flavour capturing capabilities. Trottole pasta, as with all pasta shapes, is as versatile as it is delicious. It’s a shape that catches and holds sauce very well, making it the perfect sauce boat for a bolognese. You can also substitute the penne in this recipe with trottole for a plant-based sauce option.


Strozzapreti is the slightly stretched out sister of casarecce and is hand rolled using authentic techniques. Just like their casarecce cousin, these hand-rolled tube shapes are great in a creamy or meaty sauce, meaning your options are pretty much endless.

Try strozzapreti with any jarred pasta sauce or with a mighty and meaty bolognese.

Pasta preparation tip: When it’s time to drain your pasta, set aside some of the cooking water. Add a splash of the pasta water back into the pan at the end of cooking to add a sumptuous silkiness to your pasta dishes while allowing the pasta and sauce to bind. This works for all pasta varieties.

Pick up a package (or two or four) of Co-op Gold Pure Pasta on your next shopping trip and bring home a true taste of Italy.

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