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Oodles of Egg Noodles

We know that on cold nights, late nights, or any night, there is nothing more satisfying than a large steaming bowl of noodles.

CO-OP GOLD PURE® Egg Noodles are made by Rede-Made Noodles in Winkler, Man. Their chewy and delicious noodles make the perfect addition to soups, salads, stir fries and more!

The Whole Noodle Caboodle

Abe Fehr of Rede-Made Noodles was delighted to work with Co-op.

“I like working with Co-op for many reasons,” said Fehr. “Co-op is community minded, and they invest back into the local community.”

This relationship solidifies Co-op’s goal of sourcing products locally whenever possible, and it’s part of our enduring commitment to provide the best products for our customers.

“Anyone that’s grown up with their grandma’s egg noodles will recognize the taste. Our recipe comes from a local grandmother,” explained Fehr.

The quality of these noodles lies in their preparation and local sourcing. The noodles are not made by an extruding machine like most other pastas on the market. This method gives the noodles an authentic texture and quality which works perfectly in soups, stir fries and more!

In true farm-to-fork fashion, the noodles are made with eggs and wheat from local farmers, resulting in a high quality, delicious product.

Noodles For Every Mood

Not only are Co-op Gold Pure Egg Noodles perfect for any stir fry or noodle soup, they can also double up as a substitute in any of your favorite pasta recipes. Use the wide noodles for any dish that calls for fettuccine. The thin noodles work well in stir fry or soup ‒ especially good old fashioned chicken noodle soup!

Craving a hearty and healthy bone broth soup on a cold evening? Add egg noodles to broth and fuel your soul with a nurturing noodle soup. Or if you’re craving a little zing, add noodles to a mix of peanut butter, sesame oil, soy sauce and chili for a saucy side.These noodles are your new pantry staple that you can’t live without.

Preparation tips: These noodles only need to cook 5-8 minutes (not 15-20 minutes like traditional pasta), so they make a speedy and delicious addition to any meal.

Browse our recipes for more tasty ideas. And don’t forget to pick up your supply of Co-op Gold Pure Egg Noodles on your next shopping trip.

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