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Coffee and chocolate, a match made in heaven

Just like Lennon and McCartney, Brady and Belichick and popcorn and movies, chocolate and coffee are a winning combination. Enjoyed on special occasions or simply as a cozy comfort snack, CO-OP® GOLD Premium Chocolates and Co-operative Coffee will tantalize your taste buds like no other.

When it comes to flavour profiles, however, not all chocolate and coffee pairings are equal. Here at Co-op, we tapped our resident food experts with finding the ultimate Co-op Gold Premium Chocolate and Co-operative Coffee pairings for that perfect bite (and sip).

Costa Rica calls for nutty chocolate flavours

A dark roast, Costa Rica Co-operative Coffee boasts malt and smoky aromas with hints of dark chocolate and nuts for a full-bodied brew. No creamer? No problem! Pair this coffee with Co-op Gold Café Latte Almonds with their creamy white chocolate coating for a silky-smooth sip.

To add a touch of savouriness, we recommend the chocolate-covered sea salt pistachios. Costa Rica’s dark roast pulls out the saltiness of the pistachios, while the salt enhances the smokiness of the coffee.

Ethiopia complemented by tropical touches

Transport yourself to warmer climes with the light roast Ethiopia Co-operative Coffee and Dark Chocolate Coconut Almonds. Ethiopia’s light roast with notes of citrus and fresh fruit paired with the chocolate’s coconut infusion blend beautifully together, creating a pop of tropical flavour.

Ethiopia’s full-bodied and fruity flavours are also a match with the Co-op Gold Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almonds. Furthermore, the dark chocolate adds a touch of complexity to the light roast, allowing the rich chocolate to fully come through on one’s palate.

Tanzania blends well with fruit and nuts

This light roast coffee with hints of grapefruit, hazelnut and graham cracker is a luxurious and enjoyable beverage. As such, Co-op’s chocolate-covered cashews pair nicely with the nuttiness of the coffee’s hazelnut notes. The milk chocolate coating adds another delicious complement to Tanzania’s light roast coffee.

If your snack cravings lean more toward the fruity side, you can’t go wrong with Co-op Gold Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almonds and Tanzania Co-operative Coffee. The dark chocolate adds a bit more complexity to the light roast and the fruity raspberry aptly pulls out the roast’s grapefruit notes.

So there you have it: the ultimate Co-op chocolate and coffee pairings! But you don’t have to take our word for it. See your local Co-op Food Store and create your own perfect pairings that’ll take you to flavour heaven.

Please note: the Co-op Gold Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almonds and Co-op Gold Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Pistachios are seasonal items that aren't available year-round. The Direct Trade coffees are rotational throughout the year based on availability and while supplies last.

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