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Co-op cares about our communities and the environment we share. We know that being able to make sustainable choices at the grocery store is important to you and to the health of the planet.

That's why Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) is committed to responsible practices for sourcing the seafood that you find at your local Co-op Food Store.

When FCL launched its first sustainable seafood policy in 2010, only 60 per cent of its fish and seafood products were harvested from sustainable sources. After several years of focused effort, FCL is proud to be procuring more than 90 per cent of all fish and seafood from sustainable sources today.

“Co-op customers are looking for more transparency on where their food comes from,” said Ed Dzik, FCL’s Meat/Seafood Category and Operations Manager. “The policy connects with FCL’s corporate values in that we need to be responsible when sourcing our seafood.”

Sustainable fish and seafood is caught or farmed in ways that consider the long-term viability of harvested populations and the health and ecological integrity of their water habitats. Our sustainable sourcing also takes into account the workplace environment of those who catch the fish, with the goal of upholding international human rights standards for workers in the supply chain.

Co-op's goal is to provide seafood products that not only meet the needs of our customers, but that are sourced responsibly to maintain a secure supply into the future.

FCL's latest Sustainable Fish and Seafood Policy outlines six guiding principles: 

  • Make a public commitment
  • Collect data on fish and seafood products
  • Make responsible sourcing decisions
  • Be transparent
  • Educate staff, customers and vendors
  • Support improvements in fisheries and aquaculture.

FCL will use programs from five environmental non-governmental organizations (Seafood Watch, Marine Stewardship Council, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Ocean Wise and Best Aquaculture Practices) to guide its fresh and frozen seafood procurement criteria. FCL's policy also includes tuna and other shelf-stable products.

When you choose fish and seafood products from your local Co-op, you're choosing products held to high standards of accountability for our communities and the planet.

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