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A Sauce For Every Season

Jamie Ayles, of Bow Valley BBQ in Canmore, Alta., knows that variety makes life worth living.

Jamie started working in the restaurant industry when he was 12 and became a decorated chef by 20. With his skill, Jamie could travel the globe and bring delicious, high-quality food to people all over the world.

But what Jamie really wanted was to create something for himself. So in the midst of his success, he left the restaurant industry behind to pursue his dream of running a sauce company. Enter Bow Valley BBQ and Jamie’s answer to the question: how much flavour can you fit in one bottle?

Jamie started Bow Valley BBQ with a five-year plan to make it a viable, successful and flavourful business. Leaving a well-paying job to become an entrepreneur is a bold move that would scare anyone. Through hard work and dedication to his craft, Jamie has turned his small company into a successful venture. His line of sauces bridges the gap between fine dining and backyard barbecues by combining high-quality ingredients with classic tastes.

The Quest for Flavourful Sauces

Co-op wanted to create a diverse, innovative line of sauces that would appeal to both the average grill master and the fancy foodie. Bow Valley BBQ was the perfect fit to bring an exclusive line of CO-OP® GOLD and CO-OP GOLD PURE® Barbecue Sauces and Dressings to Co-op customers across Western Canada.

Jamie and his team have crafted unique but familiar flavours, showcasing Canadian ingredients and modern trends. Head to the sauce aisle at your local Co-op to look for exciting barbecue sauce flavours such as Jalapeño Apricot and Pineapple Ginger, as well as Vegan Caesar and Vegan Ranch Salad Dressing options.

Getting Creative With Your Summer Menu

Top-quality products make for good cooking! This summer, set up your patio and invite the whole neighbourhood while you enjoy experimenting with Co-op’s tasty new sauces — they pair best with high-quality meats from your local Co-op meat counter or Co-op Gold premium burgers.

Feeling adventurous? Combine sauces to make something of your own! Experimenting with flavours can bring out some exciting results. Try a Vegan Ranch potato salad, or impress your guests with a barbecue chicken and macaroni salad.

Here are a few more recipes into which you can integrate these delightful barbecue sauces and dressings:

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