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A greener way to clean

Cleaning your house may be a chore, but it's never been more worthwhile.

Co-op Gold Pure concentrated cleaning pods are an effective, convenient, economical and environmentally friendly way of cleaning your home. They’re available for your kitchen, bathroom or glass surfaces.

When mixed with water, the pods create non-toxic cleaning sprays that never leave streaks or residue. When your spray bottle is empty, simply refill it with water, drop in another pod and gently shake the bottle to prepare the solution.

The cleaning pods are packaged using 100 per cent recyclable content and the pouches are manufactured using an industry-leading film which can be recycled where facilities exist. What’s more, our bottles are designed to be reused multiple times, or you can reuse a spray bottle you already have.

In these ways, we’re taking big steps to reduce the amount of plastic that goes to landfills. The innovative system of eco-friendly Co-op Gold Pure cleaning products saves money while respecting the planet.

Just concentrate

Co-op Gold Pure pods contain a super concentrated cleaning solution that removes dirt and is safe on any surface. The pods are simple to use and easy to store. There is no measuring, pouring or spilling like with conventional refill bottles.

The concentrated solution means the pods are very economical, since the product does not contain the water weight of regular cleaners. This also leads to a significant carbon emission reduction while transporting the pods versus traditional ready-to-use cleaners. In fact, one pallet of pods shipped to our warehouse is equivalent to nearly 35 pallets of a leading national brand glass cleaner.

Initial estimates show that carbon emission of concentrated cleaning products is more than 95 per cent less than traditional cleaning products through both transportation reduction and the reduced number of plastic bottles which need to be manufactured.

Better for the planet and your wallet

By giving you the ingredients you need—the concentrated cleaning solution in Co-op Gold Pure pods—and asking you to just add water, we’re keeping the planet in mind.

Spray bottles are typically recyclable; however, only nine per cent of plastic is recycled in Canada. This means many bottles end up in landfills anyway. Each package of pods can save three spray bottles and dispensers from being created and disposed, since the bottles are meant to be reused.

Aside from the environmental benefit, there is a significant cost saving in purchasing a reusable spray bottle and concentrated cleaning products. The leading national brands’ ready-to-use equivalents are significantly more expensive than Co-op Gold Pure concentrated cleaning products.

Make a clean break from regular products and concentrate your efforts on saying goodbye to a pile of plastic.

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